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Thomson parents JianHao and Debbie enthuse over how much joy their precious new bundle has brought to their lives.

The JianHao Tan Titan Academy web series has been featured on a  local Chinese newspaper talking about the series.. 

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Behind-the-scenes at TheJianHaoTan: What does it take to run a channel?

No 1 YouTuber in Singapore JianHao Tan defied critics of his endless high school listicle videos; aged 27, he has a business with a staff of 30

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JianHao Tan: Singapore’s Top Influencer Is Stepping Up and Growing Up

Analysis: Why marketers are preferring to work with micro influencers despite budget stability

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Content creator Jianhao Tan tops YouTube's 10 most watched creators 2019 list

Analysis: TikTok queries spike for content creators, but will the dollars trickle in too?

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Catch Singapore's young YouTube stars on Playtime TV, Shan And Shaista Show and Kandie Family

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Here's local YouTube personality Tan Jian Hao winning the Top Youtube Influencer Award for Singapore! Congrats Jian Hao!