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Influencer Spotlight: Amander Sings

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Amander Liew, sometimes known as Madam Soot Beng, can do it all. She’s a producer, singer, dancer, JianHao’s executive assistant and an influencer under Titan Digital Media. She answered our questions about her history with JianHao, life in the media industry, her music career, and much more.

How did you start working at Titan?

Well I’ve been friends with JianHao for what seems like forever. Back in the day, the Singapore YouTube community was rather small, so we met through there. I had just finished University in Australia, with a degree in Pharmacology , and one day JianHao called me asking for some help with the company. I came down to lend a helping hand, and before you know it I was heading The In Central (TIC).

What’s your official title in the company and what does that entail?

I’m JianHao’s Executive Assistant, which basically means I handle everything, while still being a producer for TIC. It is difficult to cope when so many people want things from me at once, but writing and planning out my tasks has helped me stay on the ball. I’m happy I’m no longer editing videos though, it gives me so much more time to focus on other things.

What is one memorable experience you’ve had here at Titan?

It’s difficult to think of just one event, I’ve done and experienced so much with the company. But if i had to choose, it would be seeing Ladies First reach 100k subscribers in 4 months. Sierra and I worked so hard on the channel, and seeing the numbers skyrocket was a wonderful feeling - it validated our hard work. It was like watching our child grow up.

How is life as an influencer? Was the career path intentional or a stroke of luck?

Actually, I’ve never seen myself as an influencer, and I still don’t. I think it's because I do so much more than ‘influence’, eg ; produce and make music. Also because it was never an intentional career path, it just happened.

However, being an influencer has given me so many connections and support for my music career. I met my music mentor through JianHao, and my creative team is made up of other Titan members like Kevin and Sierra.

When did you know you wanted to be a Singer, and how has your career progressed since?

I’ve been involved with music since I was 7 years old, and knew I wanted to be in the music industry. I began writing my own music at 19 and found a mentor at 23. I never really thought I’d become an artist, my main passion and focus is still songwriting. Like being an influencer, it just happened.

Last year you left Titan to learn from the music industry in ShenZhen, how did it happen and what was the experience like?

My mentor called me one day and asked me to move to ShenZhen, China, to learn more about the music industry there. He’s one of the Top 3 DJs in China right now, and I knew I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn't say yes. So I took a big leap of faith and moved. At first JianHao was disappointed, but it was a step I had to take for myself to progress my music career.

It was incredibly difficult, the industry is so cut throat, but an amazing journey. I attended lectures and seminars, saw the biggest producers in action, and learnt techniques that I then applied to music making back here in Singapore.

What’s your next single titled, and what’s it about?

My next single is called Fading, and it's releasing at the end of October. My mentor and I have been very inspired by Dua Lipa, and wanted to create something that emulated her sound. Something fun and retro-pop. The song is about living in a fantasy, and you’re so deep within the illusion you no longer can discern between the fantasy and reality. It sounds deep but the song is very fun.

Keep your eyes peeled on Amander's upcoming single and stay tuned to next month’s edition of influencer spotlight!

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