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Celebrating #10YearsWithTitan In Collaboration With Malaysian Fashion Label TNTCO

After months of ideation and hard work, our TITAN x TNTCO collection is finally live and available!

This is in line with our #10YearsWithTitan campaign, where we celebrate our 10 years anniversary as a leader in the influencer marketing scene.

In our first ever merchandise collaboration, we have teamed up with TNTCO, a popular Malaysian fashion line to come up with 3 limited edition shirt designs that tell a unique story of Titan.

Each shirt is infused with love, and was designed with a concept and story in mind.

The Growth tee is a black oversized shirt, meant to represent the growth of Titan Digital Media. Through the past 10 years we’ve learnt that “Success is not Fatal, Failure is not Fatal”. But through all that, we’ve grown to live up to our name, a Titan in the industry.

The Star Tee is a white oversized shirt, an ode to Starley, daughter of JianHao and Debbie. Starley may be a little baby now, but she has played a big role in our content the past year. She inspired the creation of a whole new channel, Jebbey Family, a family channel documenting her growth and adventures, as well as our Motherhood segment on Ladies First - Expecting Soon.

Lastly, the Academy shirt. The design of this shirt is a play on the Varsity font, an allude to our newly established Titan Academy from our popular school series.

There are very limited pieces for this collection, so if you wanna get your hands on one, you gotta act fast!

Singapore orders through -

Malaysia orders through -

Kexin Tan Shanice Sa

+65 9656 0071 +65 9725 1145

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