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Deciphering GIRL CODE with Ladies First for issues close to the heart

Since its premiere on Spotify on July 16, GIRL CODE has been streamed over 15,000 times in less than a month and has since skyrocketed to #10 on the Spotify Singapore podcast charts.

Ladies First has expanded from YouTube to Spotify with our all-new podcast, GIRL CODE.

With new episodes released every Wednesday, hosts Jasmine and Tasha, part of the star-studded Ladies First squad, talk about topics encompassing love, sex, relationships and how to navigate life.

“Expect exciting discussions about personal situations that millennial women can relate to. The advice we have heard in our conversations thus far is what I would like to have heard when I was going through difficult times,” said Jasmine.

Our first four episodes on Spotify garnered over 15,000 streams in the past few weeks.

  • Episode 1: Should I Date In High School? with @denisesoongeelyn, Titan Digital Media creator

  • Episode 2: Dealing With Long Distance? with @amandersings, singer/songwriter and Titan Digital Media creator

  • Episode 3: Learning to Love Yourself with @cherylenechan, Titan Digital Media creator

  • Episode 4: Secrets To Long Lasting Relationships with @vnesateox, Titan Digital Media creator

Ladies First was created with the aim to empower females all over the world and spread values of positivity and love. Our channel features many female influencers under our Titan Digital Media network, namely Debbie, Denise, Cherylene, Amander, Jasmine and many more.

Through GIRL CODE, we hope to be the voice to guide young females as they form their identity.

Want to work with a bubbly, passionate, female-centric crew? Contact our media representatives:

Kexin Tan

+65 96560071

Ladies First is Singapore’s fastest-growing YouTube channel, with over 300,000 subscribers and counting since its inception last year. We have collaborated with a variety of partners, ranging from beauty, pregnancy, health and wellness, fashion and many more. Ladies First will continue to empower, inspire, entertain, and accompany our audience through their different milestones in life.

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