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Influencer Spotlight : Liz Teo

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Liz Teo is a prominent talent part of CrayEight Studios, a subsidiary company of Titan Digital Media. She’s an influencer, reality TV star, star wars lover, and a new mother. We sat down with her to hear more about her life as a mother, and her new reality TV series, Ah Boy to Dad!

How did you join Titan?

In the middle of 2019, Kevin (a member of Titan) scouted me, and Ridhwan slid into my DMs, asking me to join his then newly founded CrayEight Studios.

How is influencer life - did you ever see yourself living it?

Influencer life is rather interesting, I get to enjoy a lot of perks, experience the coolest things, and most importantly, it allowed me to grow into a more expressive person which helped me in so many ways! Personally, I would have never imagined myself living this life. I don’t think my past self could have ever expected this.

If you weren’t an influencer, what would you be doing now?

I would continue to do e-commerce.

How did you meet Maxi (Your Husband)?

I always joke about us meeting on Tinder, in hopes to get a reaction out of whoever we tell, but the truth is we met at a government event, SG100, last year.

You recently just became a mom! How has that experience been like for you?

To be frank, it was extremely overwhelming at first. So many challenges came flooding in all at once, and the learning curve is so steep, there’s little room for error! But because of it, I’ve grown as a person in such a short period of time.

It’s also made me more appreciative to the people around me - so many people showed me love and support during my pregnancy, and even now after I have people willing to lend me a helping hand. Now that everything has become more manageable, I feel the need to support other new parents that went through the same hardship as I did.

Why did you choose the name Reign for your baby?

I’ve always liked one syllable names (like mine) and my friends around me were throwing around names. Maxi and I couldn't agree on a name, if he liked one, I didn't, and vice versa. But when Debbie suggested the name “Reign” it was the only one that Maxi and I agreed to immediately. And I think it’s quite fitting.

What’s the most difficult part about motherhood?

Definitely dealing with the lack of sleep. I generally can’t function without ample sleep. There was one week where I only slept an hour each day, for 5 days straight. By the fifth day, I got into the shower, and cried for 10 minutes straight.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love all things fun, but specifically cafe hopping and watching movies. My favourite movie series is Star Wars. I love it so much that my username @kylolizy is based on Kylo Ren!

You and Maxi recently started in a new series called Ah Boy to Dad! Could you tell us about that experience and how it felt documenting your family’s life?

It was actually really really fun! At first it was a little scary, they were documenting us handling Reign at less than a month old, and we were still making mistakes. I was scared that people were going to criticise my ways as a mother. But in actuality, new parents and many others messaged us saying that they’ve learnt loads from watching the show, which makes everything worthwhile. (Editor's Note: This is true, my mum loves the show.)

What’s a quote u live by?

Life is happening for you, not to you.

Do follow Liz at @kylolizy to keep up with her latest updates and let us know who you'd like to see on the next edition of Influencer Spotlight!


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