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Ladies First Celebrates 300,000 Subscribers On YouTube

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Singapore, 17 June 2020 - With a series of wholesome, relatable content revolving around a star studded cast, Ladies First has been extremely well-received by fans since its launch. Today marks yet another milestone for the Titan Digital Network as the channel has officially hit 300,000 subscribers, making it the fastest growing YouTube channel in Singapore!

Last year, we created Ladies First with the aim to empower females all over the world and spread values of positivity and love. This channel features many female influencers under our Titan Digital Media network, namely Debbie, Denise, Cherylene, Amander, Jasmine and many more. We released our first video in line with International Women's Day on 8 March 2019, and the channel has experienced exponential growth since then.

The many different types of content covered on the channel has given us opportunities to collaborate with a variety of partners, ranging from beauty, pregnancy, health and wellness, fashion and many more. In 2020 alone, we also created 3 new segments, namely:

  1. Glow Up: A mentor for all young ladies out there who are about to step out into the real world and undergo new experiences. We’ll be the big sister you've always wanted.

  2. O.K!: Exploring all things Korean from makeup to food to music and even culture.

  3. Heart On My Sleeve: Giving us more opportunities to be more transparent about our personal stories online. Some of you may be going through the same things as us and we want to tell you that you are not alone. Ladies First will always be here for all of you!

As a channel that listens to what our viewers want, Ladies First will continue to empower, inspire, entertain, and accompany our audience through their different milestones in life. We thank all our supporters and will continue to work hard to bring more content for our audience to enjoy.

For more information, kindly contact our media representatives:

Kexin Tan Shanice Sa

+65 9656 0071 +65 9725 1145

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