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Case Studies




Increase awareness for the launch of the limited edition Texas Sambal Chicken which was only available during Ramadan.



Our client wanted to explore a slightly different type of content apart from scripted videos. Hence we got Ridhwan, known for his music parodies and comedy sketches, to incporate musical and dance elements to his content. A song and music video was specially written from scratch and included lyrics such as ordering in Texas Chicken and enjoying it at the comfort and safety of your home, amidst the whole coronavirus situation. The music video also included a short dance during the chorus which was further cutdown and uploaded to TikTok and Instagram as a dance challenge and create a 360 campaign. We encouraged our viewers to send in covers of them attemping to do the dance. There was also a promo code provided as an incentive which was exclusively for Ridhwan's viewers to utilise.



Over 40,000 views, 2,100 likes and 200 comments.

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